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How to Get Free Twitter Followers?

Twitter is the World’s leading Social Media website which allows the user to send and read a text message is known as tweets. Twitter was launched in the July, 2006 by Jack Dorsey. With the passage of time twitter is gaining popularity day in and day out and now the site has more than 126 Million users active out of 569 Million total active users. Twitter is used by the Top celebrities as well as normal users. Today I’m going to show you some important points by which you can get free Twitter followers.

What is the Need to Increase Twitter Followers?

As I said, it is the leading social media website so it can be used to promote business as well as to get updates from your loved ones. I already said that twitter is expanding day by day so you will be familiar about the regular trends if you’re are twitter active user.

What are followers and followings on Twitter?

Following: Following means that you are subscribing someone from whom you want to get updates.

Follower: Follower means that you are subscribed by someone to get regular updates.

Suppose you have a twitter account and you want to get updates of your favorite celebrity for example – “you want to get updates of Lady Gaga” so you can follow her and your followings are increased by 1 and her followers are increased by 1.

how to get more twitter followers

Note: I’m not giving you any bot or providing any service by which you can increase your twitter followers. Because this can lead your twitter account permanently suspended. I’m going to tell you the most genuine steps by which you can increase your twitter followers.

So, let’s see the important steps by which you can gain free Twitter followers.

Tip #1 Follow same Niche 

if you’re running a business and want to increase twitter followers just to promote the business so always keep in mind one thing, that is, try to follow the same niche persons.

What is the advantage of following the same niche persons?

When you follow the same niche followers then you will get more than 90% chances of follow-back and in this case you’re going to increase the twitter followers which is almost free.

Tip #2 Tweet in Peak Hours

if you’re not tweeting in the peak hours so you will get less exposure. When I was very new to twitter then I thought it’s just a saying that “try to tweet in peak hours” but when I was tested and tweeted more in the peak hours then I got fantastic result I was getting more Re-tweets as well as favorites. But always keep a thing in mind that don’t try to put duplicate tweets, this can ruin or decrease your follower’s list and people can mark you as a spam.

Tip #3 Get engaged with followers

if you’re running a business and want to be successful via twitter or any social media website so you have to engage with fans. Always try to give something different to your fans and you will get the unexpected results in very short time.

Tip #4 Be active on twitter

if you’re not a daily twitter active user then you couldn’t get much exposure. So be active on twitter and always try to give something new to your followers in terms of tweets so that they can get useful information from your side and they will always get back to you when you updated. But don’t try to mention people who doesn’t belong to that tweet. If you do then I’m sure you will be marked as a spammer by twitter users and your account will be suspended by the twitter.

Tip #5 Do replies and marked favorite

if you’re putting something valuable into your follower’s tweets then you’re going to get the chance of getting more followers of the same niche. So always try to replies of your follower’s tweet as well as marked tweet as a favorite if you found something useful or great information in any tweet.

Tip #6 Use hashtags

using hashtags into the tweets will give you more focus on your tweets. Try to include hashtags related to the trends if you do then you will get more chances to get targeted twitter followers. But don’t use too much hashtags because this can annoying and can lead to decrease in the number of followers.

Tip #7 Tell the world who you’re

Try to complete your profile information for example: Bio section. Website, profile picture and twitter profile cover because these are the important aspects which will tell the twitter audience who you’re. If you put your real name, real profile picture and a complete Bio section with a website then your chances of getting more twitter followers will be increased up to 100% so be original and tell the world who you’re.

So, these are the tips for getting free twitter followers. If you follow all these points then I’m sure that you will boost your follower’s list in very short time.


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  1. No doubt twitter is the world’s top social site which is being used by celebrities. Thanks for giving really nice tips to gain more followers on twitter.

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