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Top 10 Best Apps for Android Smartphones

Android, the name is enough for Teenagers. It is the mobile platform which is booming Day In and Day Out. Every month hundreds of new apps are coming in the Google play store and many are going to obsolete every day. If you own an Android Smartphone or planning to buy it and you want to know the Best Apps for Android Smartphone then you are at the right place.

We’re not going to share the most common gaming apps like Temple run2, Subway Surfers etc. We are here to give you those apps which should be installed on your android device or Smartphone.

After some time Google is going to release a big Android Update that is Android 5.0, so we will give you the best list of Android application which also supports Android 5.0 Version.

Top 10 Android Applications

Best Apps for Android Devices

Magisto Video Editor and Maker

This is a wonderful app for video editing. Magisto Video Editor and Maker is freely available in the Google Play store and it has millions of users. Magisto Video editor and Maker is used to make a fully edited movie. It takes photos and videos from your devices and can give an awesome look. If you are a fan of photography then I can bet you will love this app and no longer go to uninstall.

A Magisto video editor can help you to make funniest video ever as well as creating beautiful videos than Vine. The Rating of Magisto in the Google Play Store is 4.4 out of 5 that means approx. 90 % people are enjoying this Beautiful app.

You can download this app directly from the above link.

BBC News

BBC News can give you the latest worldwide news as well as regional news. This app will let you know that what’s happening in the World. Currently the BBC network has more than 2000 journalists which provides you the latest trends in the World.

After installing the BBC News app you can watch or listen the latest news. You can share BBC News stories among your friends and share it on social media sites. BBC News can featured on the Home screen of your Android device so you can get latest updates instantly.

BBC News covers mostly all the categories for example Top Stories, Technology, Business Feature and analysis, Science, Entertainment and sports etc.

Nutty Fluffies Roller Coaster

Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster is a fun loving games for children as well as parents. This is a fully Time pass Roller-coaster game. Nutty Fluffies is totally free so you can download it from the above link.

In this game, you have to collects the hearts and coins while running on the upside down tracks. Nutty Fluffies has been completed the over 2 Million downloads. This game is featured in the Editor’s choice. This fun loving game makes more than 90 % people happier that means Nutty Fluffies gets 4.5 stars from the 5 stars as per Google Play Store stats.

I’m personally recommending this game you must have a look at it and I’m damn sure after playing 4-5 levels you will love this game.


Evernote is a free app by which you can save your ideas as well as listing all ideas at one place in Evernote app. This app can help you to become productive day by day.

After installing Evernote you can make text notes, To Do’s and task list. Evernote also allows you to share your business notes as well as Notebooks. This app provides a Sync feature by this you can synchronise all your business notes across any devices. You can share your text notes on social media websites for example: Facebook and Twitter.

The rating of this app is 4.7 out of 5 that means this app have awesome fan following. This wonderful app is free to download, you can download it directly from the above link which re-direct you to the Google Play Store.

Flipboard : Your News Magazine

Flipboard is also a news application which let you know about the latest happenings in the world. This app provides you a worldwide news in a magazine style. Flipboard allows you to flip the pages and find out the top stories.

Flipboard lets you to connect up to 12 social media websites. After connecting you can share top stories, like those stories and comments on the popular stories. If you want to collect news from worldwide then this is a well suited app for you.

The rating of this Flipboard is 4.5 out of 5 according to the Google Play Store. If you want to download this free application then just click on the above link and you will re direct to the Google Play Store.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)

OfficeSuite Pro 7 is the rank #1 app in the Business apps category. OfficeSuite allows you to create files or edit files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With the help of PDF feature this app also allows you to open .Pdf files on your Android device.

OfficeSuite allows you to use file browser which is inbuilt in this office application and also provide the integration with Drop Box, Sky Drive and Google Drive etc. Office Suite can give you a completely new and improved user interface.

This office Suite is a paid application, you can directly purchase it from the Google play store by clicking on the above link. If you make extensive use of Microsoft office in your desktop or laptop then this can be the best app for your Android device. Office Suite is in the category of the best apps for Android Phones.

SwiftKey KeyBoard

This SwiftKey KeyBoard allows you to type your messages faster. This is the No #1 best-selling app in the 58 Google Play Countries. This is a paid application even though you can use it for 1 Month as Trail on your Android device.

If you use your android device keyboard extensively for sending messages or chatting then I’m sure that you will love this wonderful application. I’m personally using this application and I’m very satisfied with it. Whatever you type with this keyboard is stored on their database so that you can easily fetch that word in the future, but don’t worry this app ensures you that they did not save your passwords and confidential information.

WhatsApp Messenger

This is the very popular Android messenger which have the most downloads records in the Google play store. Whatsapp Messenger is free for the first year and after the trial period you have to say some cents to use this wonderful chat messenger.

This Whatsapp messenger allows you to send and receive text messages and videos. You don’t have to pay for sending any messages so, what you need? You only need an internet connection which can be a 3G connection, WiFi or even the 2G mobile internet.

You don’t have to pay for international messages. No need to logged-in or logged out every time and no need to add friends. This messenger uses your phone contact list and show those names and numbers who already installed Whatsapp messenger in our devices. This application is in the list of top 10 best apps for Android devices.

AVG Antivirus

Antivirus application can help you to protect from malicious viruses and malware and the best antivirus in the Google Play store is AVG Antivirus which is fully free as well as take care of your Android device so I can say that this app must be in the list of the best apps for Android.

AVG antivirus allows you to take back-up of installed application and lock any application via AVG locker, but both these features are premium feature and you can use only for 15 days in the free AVG Antivirus.

AVG Antivirus also allows you to wipe out the memory card. This application has a feature of Anti-theft that means if your phone is stolen by someone so you can track your phone. If you want to download this free app then just click on the above AVG Antivirus hyperlink.

These are the list of top 10 best apps for Android as per my research. If you know any better application which I left by mistake so feel free to tell me in the below comment section.


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  1. I already used BBC News & evernote apps. They are very helpful for everyone. I love to check other new apps too you shared. Thanks for sharing some valuable apps

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